Hiring has gone virtual

While states are re-opening and people are returning to work, many offices are adopting practices to keep employees safe, such as limiting guests into their spaces. Talent Acquisition efforts must keep moving and organizations are opting to continue the usage of virtual tools to do so. 

If your organization had not previously hired employees remotely, this can be daunting; however, as many have found, it can also be a much more streamlined, efficient process than traditional in-person interviews. Virtual Hiring offers unique insight about candidates, provides flexibility for both job seekers and hiring managers, and in some cases, eliminates travel costs and expenses as well. 

Because we operate nationally, our Talent Development Specialists have been utilizing virtual hiring practices for some time and have found it to be extremely effective in vetting candidates. Though it varies based on client needs and expectations, our typical process begins with completing an initial phone interview that lasts 20-30 minutes.

If the candidate is selected to move forward from the phone interview, it is then that a video interview is completed with the candidate. The video interview typically lasts at least one hour, during which time we utilize our Interview Scorecard to determine if the candidate is a true fit for the role.

One of the top fears in completing virtual interviews is that it degrades the process by losing human connection. In our guide, we explain the best ways to complete Video Interviews while maintaining the connection and candidate experience of an in-person interview. 

Once a candidate is selected, the pre-boarding and on-boarding processes are set in motion; however, a bit more care is taken to ensure the new hire feels connected and supported, without having met the team. Our Virtual Hiring Toolkit offers Hiring Managers checklists and guides regarding choosing the best Video Conferencing Software for interviews, conducting virtual interviews, and facilitating virtual pre-boarding and onboarding. Click the button below to download our guide. 


Virtual Hiring Toolkit