Employee Appreciation - Think Outside the Box

Amazing isn’t it, how a few simple words or a small thoughtful action can have such a significant impact and such measurable results? Appreciation — specifically employee appreciation — has far and lasting implications for businesses, company culture, camaraderie, employee engagement, retention levels, and more. Simple and small gestures to let someone know they matter has

Understanding Inclusive & Empathic Leadership

What kind of a leader are you? Focus on inclusive and empathic leadership has been getting a lot of attention in recent years for valid reasons. Back in 2018, FastCompany was already reporting that empathic leaders gained improvements in employee loyalty, engagement, collaboration, satisfaction, and creativity. All factors in improving productivity and business growth. The

How to Effectively Lead & Engage Your Remote Workforce

No longer are companies trying to figure out how to shift their employees into a productive remote workforce. The forced transition happened quickly. Since the rapid change, both employers and employees have been assessing the results and preferred format.

Now organizations are focused on striking a balance between remote, in-office, and a hybrid style and find a whole

Virtual Hiring: It's Here to Stay

Despite the changes in hiring practices and procedures over the past two years, virtual hiring isn’t new to the hiring process. Hiring managers and human resource professionals have been taking advantage of these methods for quite some time. Phone screen interviews are one example that has been used for many years.

However, managing the entire hiring process remotely can

How to Boost Morale & Inspire Employees

Declines in employee morale rarely happen overnight. That shift from a once highly engaged and energetic employee to someone who now gives minimal effort is usually a slow progression. However, unless you are paying attention, the results can be extremely hard to resolve once that positive morale is lost. The key is to boost morale among your employees frequently and

AEB + uMap™️


AEBetancourt was designed to partner with organizations to find, select, and retain top-tier talent. When implementing uMap™️ in our own organization, it was easy to see the value in offering this platform to our clients as well. We are very proud to announce our partnership with Become

Do You Conduct Social Media Audits? Here's What You Should Know.

In a world where we live part of our lives in cyberspace and legislation takes time to catch up to new trends, employers often wonder how to use social media for candidate screening processes. Should social media audits come standard with interviews? What are the legal or ethical barriers to looking at someone’s (public or private) online profile? 

This is a contentious