10 Practical Ways to Build a Strong Business Team

The saying "Teamwork makes the dream work" is always true. When people work together, they can achieve amazing things. Using everyone's strengths in a united group allows for achievements that no one person could do alone. However, building a strong business team entails more than merely bringing people together; it requires a blend of creativity and perseverance.Teamwork

The Complete Guide to a Thriving Company Culture

Every organization has a culture, however not all company cultures are positive, add value to the individuals and organization, or are thriving. A healthy culture has direct benefits for your employees and customer base which provide indirect benefits for your business by way of prosperity, productivity, and profitability. 

There is one point we should clarify at the outset,

Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Tight Labor Market

The term “Great Resignation” created a lot of buzz in 2021 – and rightfully so. The level of job quits continued to trend upward throughout 2022 where the monthly average sat at 4.2 million people voluntarily quitting. The reasons spanned several professional and personal reasons, but the last couple of years have been all about quits and reshuffles. Despite organizations

Who is Responsible for Corporate Culture?

When it comes to corporate culture, it is often difficult to define and much harder to build. Culture is commonly understood as the collective behavior, attitudes, and beliefs of individuals within an organization. It encompasses both formally stated norms and the implicit ways in which people collaborate and engage with one another.

Too often there is a gap between the

How to Build a Positive Workplace Culture

How would you describe your company culture? As a leader in your organization, you are told a positive workplace culture is essential for the future of your business. But do you know what that looks like? Moreover, if your workplace culture has room for improvement (which is likely easier to identify) do you know how and where to make changes to improve it?  

The Society for

How Brand Reputation Impacts Hiring Efforts

Your employer brand matters. Your brand is how job seekers perceive your company in terms of reputation, company culture, and employee retention. Whether or not people are happy working for your company and the length of time they stay employed all contribute to your employer brand. Companies with a strong brand reputation can really differentiate themselves in the job market.

Competing for Talent: Culture or Compensation

Competing for talent on compensation alone is like trying to attract more customers based solely on price and discounts to drive traffic. There is a limit to how far you can continue to go without it negatively impacting your business profitability. But is company culture enough to woo and satisfy employees? Is it time for compensation as the ultimate bargaining chip to take

How to Guide Your Employees Through a Business Transition

We make changes all the time without too much thought or effort. We change our workout routines, cell phone carriers, and paint colors in our homes. We’ll even change the way we take our requisite morning cup of coffee with relative ease. However, start talking about work or business adjustments, especially anything related to employment, and you’ll likely get some hesitation

Inclusive and Empathic Leadership: Strategies for Success

What kind of a leader are you? Focus on inclusive and empathic leadership has been getting a lot of attention in recent years for valid reasons. A recent study by Catalyst, a global non-profit organization found that empathetic leadership boosts engagement at work; 76% of employees with highly empathetic senior leaders and 67% with highly empathetic managers were found to be

Employee Turnover: Why Good Employees Leave

For any business, the largest portion of your human resource efforts are focused on payroll, benefits, and compliance related issues. This leaves a very small portion of time and resources for talent acquisition — the process of sourcing, recruiting, and hiring top talent. Unfortunately this also means that employee retention efforts can often go largely unnoticed, until it