Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Tight Labor Market

The term “Great Resignation” created a lot of buzz in 2021 – and rightfully so. The level of job quits continued to trend upward throughout 2022 where the monthly average sat at 4.2 million people voluntarily quitting. The reasons spanned several professional and personal reasons, but the last couple of years have been all about quits and reshuffles. Despite organizations

The State of Hiring (Report Summary)

Finding and retaining top talent is a main driver that continues to reshape the economic landscape and ongoing business recovery post-pandemic. The impacts are evident in employment data and U.S. labor market analysis, but it doesn’t tell the full story. To better understand and navigate this terrain, we conducted our first Hiring Pulse Survey to gather insight from business

How to Build a Positive Workplace Culture

How would you describe your company culture? As a leader in your organization, you are told a positive workplace culture is essential for the future of your business. But do you know what that looks like? Moreover, if your workplace culture has room for improvement (which is likely easier to identify) do you know how and where to make changes to improve it?  

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Top 5 Employment & Workplace Trends for 2023

Our working lives and, more broadly, the labor market have seen several changes in the past two years. And despite foreboding research and talks of an impending recession, experts suggest the labor market is, and will remain, remarkably resilient through the new year. However, this optimism doesn’t exclude some shifts in employment and workplace trends.

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The Problem with the Recruiting Industry & How it Should Change

Historically, the recruiting industry has hada bad rapand has long suffered from not only a lack of transparency, but innovation, prompting negative sentiments toward recruiters and search agencies alike. Unfortunately, thenegative sentimentsare often deserved. Recruiters are frequently bad-mouthed for their reliance on hard sales techniques and candidates often report

How Long Should Recruitment Search Services Take?

Recruiters and hiring managers share a common goal: finding great candidates. However, there is a sense of urgency when working with search firms. We are often asked how long will it take for our search services to find the perfect candidate. To be completely candid, that’s a hard question to answer.

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Recruiting and Hiring Trends: Ignore the Hype

Have you ever heard of “10-minute interviews?” Not too long ago it was a hiring trend frequently used in some industries that began catching the attention of businesses in other sectors. The concept is simple: hold a mass hiring event where hiring managers and HR professionals conduct super fast interviews to get first impressions of job seekers.

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What Candidates Expect Now in the Recruitment Process

What is your recruitment process missing? Think about your hiring operation for a moment. Start with how you access the need for more talent and your planning methods. Consider the various team members involved with the operation. Review the tools and other mechanisms used in your recruitment process steps. What is missing?

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What a Successful Hire Looks Like

How do you know when and if you have made a successful hire? Gut instinct could be valuable, but this is hardly quantifiable. You could also wait a year to see how a new hire has performed and identify their level of productivity. However, future information isn’t helpful when you are actively hiring now and need to do so with confidence. And while a great handshake may still

Personality Profiles: The Pros & Cons

Stagnant and declining organizations do not hire new employees. Growing, proactive companies hire and remain in a hiring mode. That said, talent acquisition isn’t always easy and often requires businesses to examine all aspects of their hiring process and candidate evaluation methods. One hiring tool many companies use is personality profile tests.

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