Employee Engagement Strategies

You did it! Your organization has sourced, recruited, and assembled a team of incredibly talented individuals all capable of helping your business progress and grow to the next level. But don’t stop now. The next step is to effectively manage and lead your team, which means implementing effective employee engagement strategies to engage, develop, and retain your workforce.

Employee Development: Why Investing in Your Team Matters

Dentists have an odd but true saying when motivating their young patients to adopt good oral hygiene habits: you only need to brush the teeth you want to keep. Simple, yet a good reminder of where our attention needs to be to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. So why are we discussing oral hygiene in a post about employee development?

We shared the saying because the

Defining Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

If the perfect-fit hire for your available role is happy at their current company and not actively looking for a new opportunity, why would they leave their position to join your organization? The answer is actually less complicated than you might think, and can always be solved with a great employee value proposition.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves though, so ask

A Guide to the Recruitment Process

Most people underestimate the complexity and level of involvement of the business and process of recruiting until they experience it themselves. How hard can it be to help a company find talented people in a well-defined industry? What’s the challenge in talking to someone about advancing their career?

We are partially grateful for this perception. It means we are

What a Bad Hiring Decision Could Cost You

Whether you have lived it, watched it, or just heard about it, no final decision maker wants to be the one who made a bad hiring decision. They cost you a bit of your pride and ego, and generally more time than you really want to admit. But more than that, hiring mistakes also have a dollar figure attached to them that are significantly greater than you even realize.

Hiring for Core Capabilities vs Technical Competencies

The process of hiring is more than posting your opportunity, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates. There are countless factors at play. Among these is a critical, almost strategic, decision on how to evaluate candidates. This forces the question of whether you should focus on candidates’ core capabilities or their technical competencies.

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Why Job Applicant Interest is Shifting to Small Businesses

Today, a job applicant has many choices on where to focus their employment search efforts. From start-ups to decades-old, family owned businesses, to international enterprises, there are endless possibilities to consider. But do large companies have an advantage over small businesses? In some aspects they may, but that trend has been changing over the past few years.

How to Hire the Right Person

As a dad, I am always looking for tangible ways to teach my kids valuable lessons. And after a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I was again reminded of the many teachable moments this place offers. Now stay with me for a moment.

Knowing how to hire the right person can be frustrating, especially when it isn’t your sole responsibility. Not only does Disney provide the