Recruiting and Hiring Trends: Ignore the Hype

Have you ever heard of “10-minute interviews?” Not too long ago it was a hiring trend frequently used in some industries that began catching the attention of businesses in other sectors. The concept is simple: hold a mass hiring event where hiring managers and HR professionals conduct super fast interviews to get first impressions of job seekers.

The thinking behind this

What Candidates Expect Now in the Recruitment Process

What is your recruitment process missing? Think about your hiring operation for a moment. Start with how you access the need for more talent and your planning methods. Consider the various team members involved with the operation. Review the tools and other mechanisms used in your recruitment process steps. What is missing?

This isn’t necessarily meant to be a trick

How to Gain the Most Value from a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the full value and benefit of working with a talent acquisition specialist? Have you ever been curious if you could be getting more from your partnership?

If you are having these thoughts already, then your answers should probably be, “no” and “yes”. As disheartening as that sounds, don’t be discouraged. There is a way to get every

What a Successful Hire Looks Like

How do you know when and if you have made a successful hire? Gut instinct could be valuable, but this is hardly quantifiable. You could also wait a year to see how a new hire has performed and identify their level of productivity. However, future information isn’t helpful when you are actively hiring now and need to do so with confidence. And while a great handshake may still

Personality Profiles: The Pros & Cons

Stagnant and declining organizations do not hire new employees. Growing, proactive companies hire and remain in a hiring mode. That said, talent acquisition isn’t always easy and often requires businesses to examine all aspects of their hiring process and candidate evaluation methods. One hiring tool many companies use is personality profile tests.

Personality profiles are

The Complete Guide to Working With a Recruitment Firm

Outsourcing business services has almost become a necessity for many functions of a business today. Getting support and guidance for hiring talent is no different. However, we know that partnering with a recruitment firm often means understanding far more than you may have initially expected.

If you are just beginning to explore this option for your business, or you are

Active vs Passive Candidate Recruitment Strategies

Just because more people are open to new career opportunities now does not mean they are actively looking for them or even immediately applying. Back in 2013, LinkedIn shared that as many as seventy-five percent of job candidates were only passively considering a career change. 

Sadly, this statistic appears to be changing. Yet, if your recruitment strategies are only

Essential Guidelines for Conducting a Social Media Background Check

Is a social media background check part of your verification process before hiring a new employee?

We seem to verify quite a bit in our everyday lives. We double-check that our alarms are set to wake us up at the appropriate time each morning. Airline flights, car rentals, and hotel reservations are confirmed, often repeatedly before we depart. Signatures are authenticated

How to Craft an Offer Letter that Gets Accepted

Can you feel it? Those feelings of excitement and achievement that you are pretty confident mirror theirs. The last few weeks of planning, discussing, and evaluating are about to close.

Just one piece of this process remains: having your perfect-fit candidate accept your offer letter. Are you prepared?

In 2020, Glassdoor published an extensive study analyzing eleven years

9 Actionable Ways to Attract More Job Applicants

It should be relatively easy, right? Multiple reports and studies continue to highlight the growing number of talented individuals open to new career opportunities. So if you just create a job posting and place it in highly trafficked areas like your website, social pages, and reputable job boards, the surge of attractive job applicants should be flooding your inbox at any

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