Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Your Recruitment Efforts? What to Expect in the Future from AI

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a transformative force across various industries. Its impact on talent acquisition and recruitment, in particular, is undeniable. As organizations seek efficiency and effectiveness in their hiring processes, AI has emerged as a powerful tool. According to recent statistics, 81% of HR professionals

Transforming Recruitment: Addressing the 4 Most Common Complaints

Recruitment agencies play a vital role in the job market because they help link companies with the talent they need — making it easier to find the right people for the job. But even with this important role, many companies aren't happy with how recruitment agencies work. To understand why, let's look at how these agencies deal with both companies and job seekers.


You Found Your Next Great Employee, Now Make Sure You Retain Them

In today's competitive job market, finding and hiring top talent is no easy feat. It requires significant investment in time, effort, and resources. However, the real challenge lies not just in recruiting great employees but in retaining them. Employee retention is crucial for organizational success, yet many companies struggle with high turnover rates, which can have

Having Trouble Hiring? You're Not Alone. How to Combat Common Hiring Challenges

The landscape of employment has seen significant shifts in recent years. From the era of the Great Resignation to a sudden surge in layoffs to a slowdown in hiring across large corporates — it’s not easy hiring these days. According to the background screening platform Checkr, 72% of business leaders felt they faced significant hiring challenges in 2023. That sentiment

The True Costs of Unfilled Positions

In recent years, the job market has experienced significant fluctuations in the unemployment rate, presenting challenges and opportunities for businesses. The impact of unfilled positions, whether due to a tight labor market or other factors, has far-reaching consequences that extend beyond immediate financial losses. 

In this article, we delve into the real and implied costs

Why Recruitment Guarantees Are Ineffective: Rethinking Trust in Hiring

Guarantees have become a comforting standard when it comes to most products and services. They provide a sense of security, assuring us that a product or service will meet our expectations. Recruitment, too, has adopted this practice, with guarantees often integrated into contracts between hiring companies and recruitment firms. However, the reality is that these guarantees

Unleashing Potential: Elevate and Empower the Women in Your Business

AEBetancourt CEO Art Betancourt and Executive Vice President of Talent Strategy Christa Bird sat down for an impactful webinar session overviewing AEB’s newest consultation service: ElevateHER. 

ElevateHER is a brand workshop led by Christa that highlights not only the profound impact of employment on individuals and communities but also the importance of empowering women in

When Your Compensation Package Doesn’t Match Their Desired Salary

Creating a compensation package is the ultimate balancing act. You want to compensate your employees fairly while also considering affordability. Your package will likely provide earning opportunities that are market-based and reward results, along with excellent benefits to employees all while guaranteeing programs that make financial sense to your organization in the long

How to “Insure” Your Talent Needs are Covered

Hiring top talent in this day and age is a challenge. It will become a much more difficult challenge as recession looms, compensation rises, and business needs continue to change and evolve in a tight labor market. You’re not imagining these things and you’re certainly not alone in facing these hiring challenges. Economic uncertainty always prompts more cautious hiring

Why the Typical Job Description Today is Useless

A job description is one document within human resources and recruitment that is often misunderstood. Whenever the purpose and design of a tool are missed, its application effectively becomes useless. Some regard it synonymously with a job posting oroffer letter, which is not at all the case. More often, it’s not updated regularly or used consistently – which can create