Calculating the Cost of an Unfilled Position

Amazing how 2019 seems so long ago when the unemployment rate hovered comfortably in the mid to upper three percent range. Fortunately, the double-digit rates seen in mid-2020 seem to be past us. However, a labor market once defined as tight has now become an outright challenge as the volume of vacant positions continues to climb. The big question for many businesses is,

Recruitment Fees: What Are You Paying For?

Recruitment fees aren’t often discussed or explained. The common understanding is that agencies charge hiring companies a contingency fee based on the first-year earnings of the hired candidates. Retainer fees come into play in specific situations, such as for executive-level searches or organizations that proactively remain in a constant hiring mode.

While true, not all

What Transparency in Business Means Today

Transparency. We generally understand what this means in the products we purchase and use. Federal regulations require manufacturers to include a plethora of details regarding the ingredients and nutritional levels of the foods we eat. Clothing has fabric content and washing instructions clearly listed. However, transparency in business still seems to be comparatively new.

Should a Search Firm Know Your Industry?

Sometimes companies will ask the question directly when considering our search firm for their hiring needs. What is your experience in our industry? Other times it’s a bit more subtle. What industries do you work in? Prospective clients often use this information as a qualifier when evaluating a potential partnership with a search firm.

Conventional thinking is that

How to Evaluate Talent Acquisition Services

Step one, complete. Your organization has decided to work with a recruitment agency and to outsource your talent acquisition services. Great decision! So what’s next? Where and how do you begin to select an agency to work with?

A simple Google search of talent acquisition services in your area will likely turn up a fairly impressive list. How do you evaluate all these

What to Expect From a Recruitment Agency

What do (or should) you expect when working with a recruitment agency? If you haven’t worked with one before, industry perceptions may have your anticipated results somewhere around skeptical. Yet even if you have partnered with an agency to outsource your recruitment efforts, your expectations will only be as positive as your last experience.

Expectations can be

How a Recruiting Firm Can Help Your Bottom Line

There is a phrase frequently used in business settings to justify certain expenses: sometimes you need to spend money in order to make money. In many situations this makes perfect sense, like upgrading technology to improve efficiency or hiring a web developer to create your company website. However, this statement can also be a bad excuse for spending money without good

Why Business Professionals Rely on Executive Search Firms

Before any business can agree to use an outside service they need to understand the value it will provide for their organization. There need to be compelling reasons why each supported department or team member will use or receive support from the service. Not surprising is that the reasons can be pretty varied. This is definitely true when organizations consider the value

Job Board vs. Recruitment Firm: What’s Your Best Option?

There are many ways to attract new talent to your business today from simple to complex, passive to active, and free to paid strategies. For retailers and restaurants, it can be as simple as stating “we’re hiring!” on their marquee. Others will take advantage of their websites by maintaining a constant list of available opportunities. On the other side of the spectrum are

Recruitment Agencies & the Common Complaints

We have over 100 years of combined recruiting experience at our office. Over the years we have also heard just about every complaint and frustration businesses have had with recruitment agencies. As much as these viewpoints make us cringe, we also know they come as a result of poor experiences. The adage that it only takes a couple of bad situations to ruin things for