Guarantees have become a comforting standard when it comes to most products and services. They provide a sense of security, assuring us that a product or service will meet our expectations. Recruitment, too, has adopted this practice, with guarantees often integrated into contracts between hiring companies and recruitment firms. However, the reality is that these guarantees may not be as beneficial as they seem.

At AEBetancourt, we've chosen not to offer a recruitment guarantee, and in this post, we'll delve into the reasons behind the ineffectiveness of such guarantees, the various types available, and suggest alternative approaches to build trust in the recruitment process.

The Intentions Behind Recruitment Guarantees

Guarantees, in any context, serve two primary purposes: to instill trust and to minimize risk for the consumer. Whether it's a jar of peanut butter or a high-end automobile, consumers expect a level of assurance that their purchase will deliver satisfaction. Similarly, in the hiring landscape, recruitment guarantees aim to build confidence that a recruitment firm can source, recruit, and secure an ideal candidate while reducing the hiring company's risk.

Historically, recruitment guarantees have been the traditional method to foster this confidence. However, the fundamental flaw lies in the fact that no guarantee can shield a hiring company from the uncertainties of a new hire leaving or a bad hiring decision.

Typical Guarantee You Might See

Recruitment guarantees come in various forms, with money-back guarantees and replacement guarantees being the most common.

Replacement guarantees: More prevalent than money-back guarantees, these ensure that the recruitment firm will find a new candidate if the original hire leaves within a predetermined period. However, the quality and timeframe for securing a replacement may vary.

Guarantee stipulations: The devil lies in the details, and guarantee stipulations can include factors like failure to make timely payments, changes in job description post-hiring, or the hiring company making a decision contrary to the agency's recommendation.

Unfortunately, many recruitment guarantees are designed to protect the interests of the agency rather than the hiring company, and poor business practices like this are also what lead to poor impressions of our industry. Money-back guarantees may involve complex stipulations that favor the agency, and replacement guarantees could result in subpar candidates being presented hastily.

A Smarter Approach: Building Trust Without Guarantees

If recruitment guarantees are not the answer, how can a recruitment firm build enough trust to mitigate the hiring company's risk effectively? Here are three alternative recommendations:

Remember your why

Focus on why your organization is outsourcing recruitment. A reputable firm should act as a true partner, aiding in resource allocation, providing guidance in a competitive labor market, and delivering high-quality candidates promptly. Check out 10 Reasons to Outsource Talent Recruitment or How a Recruiting Firm Can Help Your Bottom Line for more information.

Manage your expectations


hile you pay for outsourcing services, it's crucial to understand that guarantees cannot foresee every hiring outcome. After the hire, the hiring company's responsibility lies in supporting the new employee through effective onboarding, training, and fostering a growth-oriented culture. Check out our article titled, What Makes an Employee Onboarding Process Successful?, or Employee Development: Why Investing in Your Team Matters for more insight.

Do your homework

Treat recruitment firms like any other service provider. Understand their processes, interview methods, and ensure their structure aligns with your business needs. Ask questions, demand clarity, and make an informed decision. Check out Hiring Process: Why a Structured Approach Matters or Should You Reference Check a Recruitment Firm for even more information.

A reputable recruitment firm will help you in all of these areas and will act as a true partner to your organization. Focus on what they can do for your organization and how before and during the recruitment process instead of after a hire has been made. 

Why AEBetancourt Doesn't Offer a Recruitment Guarantee

At AEBetancourt, we prioritize transparency, dedicated resources, and a fair pricing model over traditional guarantees. Our approach involves providing clients with full access to candidate information, dedicated Talent Development Specialists, and a flat hourly rate, eliminating fluctuating placement fees.

If you're interested in learning more about how our approach differs from other recruitment firms, we invite you to connect with us. Let us share our story and discuss how we can address your hiring needs without the need for conventional guarantees. Contact us today with your questions.

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