Recapping the 2022 Labor Market

With the adjusted monthly numbers starting to settle and the larger trends from the entire year beginning to emerge, it’s a little hard not to ask. Is this good news or not?

Typically, reviewing employment data isn’t overly challenging. It’s making observations of macro and micro changes in the U.S. labor market, and taking note of where and how individual industries are

How to Build a Positive Workplace Culture

How would you describe your company culture? As a leader in your organization, you are told a positive workplace culture is essential for the future of your business. But do you know what that looks like? Moreover, if your workplace culture has room for improvement (which is likely easier to identify) do you know how and where to make changes to improve it?  

The Society for

Top 5 Employment & Workplace Trends for 2023

Our working lives and, more broadly, the labor market have seen several changes in the past two years. And despite foreboding research and talks of an impending recession, experts suggest the labor market is, and will remain, remarkably resilient through the new year. However, this optimism doesn’t exclude some shifts in employment and workplace trends.

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The Problem with the Recruiting Industry & How it Should Change

Historically, the recruiting industry has had a bad rap and has long suffered from not only a lack of transparency, but innovation, prompting negative sentiments toward recruiters and search agencies alike. Unfortunately, the negative sentiments are often deserved. Recruiters are frequently bad-mouthed for their reliance on hard sales techniques and candidates often report

How to Set & Maintain an Accurate Candidate Search

The two most common reasons organizations cite for using a recruitment firm to manage their candidate search and hiring process are time and level of difficulty. And a candidate search that isn’t accurately set and maintained can dramatically increase both.

Have you ever completed a project only to realize that the results were drastically different from where you started

Creative Recruitment Marketing Strategies That Work

Successfully recruiting talent is more than just posting jobs and waiting for resumes to ping your inbox. To attract the right talented and skilled individuals, employers (and recruiters) must put the right messages in the right places. With that responsibility in perspective, you can see why effective recruitment marketing strategies to source and hire quality candidates can

How Brand Reputation Impacts Hiring Efforts

Your employer brand matters. Your brand is how job seekers perceive your company in terms of reputation, company culture, and employee retention. Whether or not people are happy working for your company and the length of time they stay employed all contribute to your employer brand. Companies with a strong brand reputation can really differentiate themselves in the job market.

Have Economic Concerns Impacted the Labor Market Yet?

Over the past quarter, much of the news cycles have been on the economy, specifically inflation. However, you can’t discuss inflation without also considering the labor market.

While the past quarter has shown signs of changing trends in some key metrics, other indicators continue to behave without any thought or concern. Of course, not all areas of the labor market and

How Long Should Recruitment Search Services Take?

Recruiters and hiring managers share a common goal: finding great candidates. However, there is a sense of urgency when working with search firms. We are often asked how long will it take for our search services to find the perfect candidate. To be completely candid, that’s a hard question to answer.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2017 Talent

Competing for Talent: Culture or Compensation

Competing for talent on compensation alone is like trying to attract more customers based solely on price and discounts to drive traffic. There is a limit to how far you can continue to go without it negatively impacting your business profitability. But is company culture enough to woo and satisfy employees? Is it time for compensation as the ultimate bargaining chip to take

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