How to Reduce the Risk of Candidates Accepting a Counter Offer

Sourcing, recruiting, and hiring new employees is tough. It’s exactly why recruitment firms like ours exist, providing expertise and the needed resources growing organizations need. So when that perfect-fit candidate who has progressed through the interviews and accepted your job offer now tells you they are taking a counter offer, those crushing feelings of frustration and

Attracting and Retaining Talent Amid the Great Resignation

The term “Great Resignation” created a lot of buzz in 2021 – and rightfully so. With nearly 38 million people voluntarily leaving their jobs for a range of professional and personal reasons, the past year has been all about quits and reshuffles. However, as organizations struggle to find perfect-fit hires to fill the positions left vacant by their star employees, many

A Look Back at 2021 Labor Trends

Details are important. They help us provide consistency and avoid mindless errors. Yet, when we become too focused in some areas, we can miss the bigger picture and perspective that is helpful to understand the full story. It’s the “missing the forest for the trees” analogy.

Earlier this year, we started reporting on some of the key labor market metrics relevant for our

How to Write a Job Posting That Gets Results

Are you having trouble attracting the right talent to fill an open position at your company? If most job seekers who have applied for the opening seem unfit for the role for one reason or another, you should consider revisiting your job posting. Although it may look innocuous at first glance, there is a good chance it may be causing your organization to miss out on quality

Employment Trends to be Ready For in 2022 and Beyond

The biggest question that remained as last year drew to a close is what will 2022 and beyond look like for the labor market?

Despite another year of businesses managing and adjusting to the ongoing impacts of a pandemic, job growth continued to reflect more positive numbers than negative and unemployment rates continued to decline. Unfortunately, one metric no business leader

How to Help Candidates Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

There are few things as disappointing for hiring managers and HR professionals as having their perfect-fit hire back out of an offer after initially accepting it. It may leave them wondering whether a competitor swooped in to steal their brilliant find or if it was the buyer’s remorse that made the individual second-guess their decision.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon

Recruiting Solutions for Common Hiring Challenges

Hiring the right individuals can help your organization meet its goals and scale new heights of success in no time. However, the highly competitive job market and the tightening pool of qualified candidates pose unique hiring challenges for HR professionals and business leaders alike. To keep up with their staffing needs, an increasing number of hiring companies are now

Why Recruitment Guarantees are Meaningless

As consumers of products and services, we love guarantees. The idea that a company will stand behind its offerings should anything go wrong gives us peace of mind and comfort that we are making a good buying decision. We almost expect them now, and the same is true for recruitment guarantees.

Including a guarantee in a contract between a recruitment firm and a hiring

Should You Reference Check a Recruitment Firm?

For hiring managers and human resource professionals, reference checking top talent during the recruitment process is more than just a formality. However, have you ever wondered if you should also reference check your recruiting partner to ensure they are qualified to select the best candidates for your organization?

Reference checks are a key process that allows hiring

Calculating the Cost of an Unfilled Position

Amazing how 2019 seems so long ago when the unemployment rate hovered comfortably in the mid to upper three percent range. Fortunately, the double-digit rates seen in mid-2020 seem to be past us. However, a labor market once defined as tight has now become an outright challenge as the volume of vacant positions continues to climb. The big question for many businesses is, what