Why Structured Interview Methods Get Better Results

The intent of an employment interview is to evaluate if a candidate can perform at a high level in the position they are being considered for. And the goal is to do it as efficiently as possible within a certain time frame while simultaneously avoiding any pitfalls in the process. These parameters perfectly frame why structured interview methods are ideally designed to get

Hiring Process: Why a Structured Approach Matters

What is the hiring process at your company? Maybe we should back up and first ask if your organization has a hiring process. And if so, is it followed?

If you have ever worked on a project (either alone or in a team) that did not have a defined process in place, most likely something at some point did not go smoothly. And it’s exactly because of mishaps like this, that

First Quarter Labor Trends Reveal Cautious Optimism

New job postings have done a near 180° turn from what happened last year. This should give all of us, regardless of industry, reason to be optimistic again. Organizations hire when they feel confident about the future and have growth plans in place.

The cautious side of us though knows that increased demand for talented individuals means candidates have greater choice in

How to Set & Maintain an Accurate Candidate Search

The two most common reasons organizations cite for using a recruitment firm are time and level of difficulty. And a poorly structured candidate search can dramatically increase both. A successful hiring process is dependent not just on creating accurate search criteria but also on taking steps to actively adjust the search to find candidates that qualify as your perfect

Still, One of the Best & Brightest Places to Work

The 2021 results of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® have been announced. And for a third straight year, AEBetancourt made the West Michigan list!

If you’re keeping track, or maybe just a little confused by all our recent awards, here’s a brief recap. Each April, the National Association for Business Resources (NABR) names the regional Best &

What a Bad Hiring Decision Could Cost You

Whether you have lived it, watched it, or just heard about it, no final decision maker wants to be the one who made a bad hiring decision. They cost you a bit of your pride and ego, and generally more time than you really want to admit. But more than that, hiring mistakes also have a dollar figure attached to them that are significantly greater than you even realize.

Hiring for Core Capabilities vs Technical Competencies

The process of hiring is more than posting your opportunity, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates. There are countless factors at play. Among these is a critical, almost strategic, decision on how to evaluate candidates. This forces the question of whether you should focus on candidates’ core capabilities or their technical competencies.

If you haven’t given

Simple Recruitment Marketing Techniques That Work

Successfully recruiting talent is more than just posting jobs and waiting for resumes to ping your inbox. To attract the right talented and skilled individuals, employers (and recruiters) must put the right messages in the right places. With that responsibility in perspective, you can see why effective recruitment marketing strategies to source and hire quality candidates

Why Job Applicant Interest is Shifting to Small Businesses

Today, a job applicant has many choices on where to focus their employment search efforts. From start-ups to decades-old, family owned businesses, to international enterprises, there are endless possibilities to consider. But do large companies have an advantage over small businesses? In some aspects they may, but that trend has been changing over the past few years.

AEBetancourt Makes List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Inc. magazine revealed that AEBetancourt is No. 28 on its 2021 Inc. 5000 Regionals: Midwest list, the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Born of the annual Inc. 5000 franchise, this regional list represents a unique